Ohio is Keeping Up With the Times

Ohio may have elected a Republican governor in the last election, but they also are the birth state of the author of The Stoned Family Robinson. That is why it is important to mention that the language of for a medical marijuana bill has finally been approved in the Buckeye State. Nice one, Buckeye State!

Amy Winehouse Needed the Island


I wrote a blog today in Celebstoner about the awesomely talented songstress Amy Winehouse and the other talents who died in their 27th year. Read about “The Curse of 27″ here.


Hi Times

So, it isn’t the New York Times, but for a book like this it may as well be!


The September issue of High Times has included a blurb about the Stoned Family Robinson. I think Hollywood is next to come calling!


Go get your copy today!



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